Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Question of Truth

[Note this post has been updated below the line]

An odd thought struck me today while I was preparing supper: pasta with a bit of sugo, fresh green beans and home fried parsley root chips.

In the background, the television was babbling on about the wars and conflicts of the 20th Century -- suddenly it struck me that every one of these wars were based on and sold by lies and that every peace which was declared after each terrible conflict was infected with lies which bore the seeds for the next and, most often, ever more terrible conflict.

So I thought: "If it is correct to say that war is only possible because of the lies which are told, then perhaps it is even more correct to say that peace can only be possible if the truth is told!"?

But then, another picture flashed in my mind: Pilate asks of the condemned man, "What it truth?" There was no answer, that is, not unless you can hear the answer in Jesus' silence.

Now, what did I mean by that picture of Jesus and Pilate? I had to think about it my self!

I'm certain i didn't mean silence as means to tell the truth.

Perhaps that last image was a picture of our common humanity approaching a time of ultimate stress and need when the truth perhaps, maybe -- we can hope can't we? -- will explode into a common understanding of some sort, a Unity of Awareness...

Imagine that there is a sort of something to what we think of as telepathy -- not thought transfer as such, but maybe a real form of empathy between us all so that we actually knew and felt the pain and joy of others so the knowledge of our being brothers and sisters was an actual fact and not just a nice, cuddly idea.

If that awareness were suddenly to break out like the glitter of shook tin foil, like lightning shining from east to west and back again -- do you suppose we could then stop these wars, join hands and start to clean up this mess?

Whatever the fact of the matter, that is something I could pray for.

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