Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Kvad for a Monster

[Kvad was a poetic form used in the North Lands of the Third Galaxy. The unknown poet apparently experimented more with this form than I previously thought. As usual, he takes great liberties, as the kvad should have two consonantal alliteratives in each of the six tetrameter lines. Whatever, this "kvad" takes the form of Rexona responding to the question of his crimes in a light hearted manner]

"In regard to the millions you mention who died,
it's not my fault!" the monster replied.
"I only did what had to be done
to protect the Arrogant Way of Life,
preserve freedom and thickly spread
democracy across the world."

"To make an omelet, you break some eggs
and you waste some flour to bake some bread.
Our Cause was Justice, Freedom and Peace,
so why the fuss about the dead?
Should a leader with visions such as I
be concerned when a few millions die?"

"I only did what I was told
by the Great Potato's only spud,
the Holy Idaho Himself!
So, yeah, I sleep good at night.
Right now, there's some brush to clear on the ranch
and a barbeque that's coming up tonight."

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