Thursday, April 03, 2008

Listen to the Night Winds Wail....

On the early morning news here in the Happy Little Kingdom, they talked about the missle base being built about 100 miles from where I live -- it's part of the "Missle Defense Shield" boondongle which is advetised as a defense against a rocket from Iran.

The Russians for their part say they'll target such bases with their rockets. I can't, for my part understand why -- don't they trust our good intentions?

Time out for a little sad song...

I lie upon my bed at night
and stare into the light.
These sights I see, can they really be
what's causing our misery?

Perhaps it serves no real use
to explain it all to you,
but it's the things that
we all do that are
tickling the Dragon's Tail!

It's kind of strange don't you think,
our world totters on the brink
of global catastrophe and
endless, Total War…

But how is it we all react?
We go out and shop for more
of them Shiny Things that
glow in the Dark and
tickle the Dragon's Tail!

If we keep on going down the road we're on,
there won't be no turning back!
Pretty soon the tarmac will crack
and the zeroes will attack!

The world will go down to the shade
when the roses all fade,
We'll all sleep
in the bed we made
by tickling the Dragon's Tail!

There are those who say a better day
will come if we only pray.
The "Lord" will come and kiss our thumb
and smile and wipe our bum.

I swear by hope and faith and love
and by the Lord Above:
that it ain't a-gonna happen
because we've all been
Tickling the Dragon's Tail!

Listen to the night,
listen to the night,
listen to the night winds wail!

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