Monday, May 05, 2008

A Soldier Needs a Bodygaurd?

Can you imagine that the Army had to send a soldier stateside because they could not guarantee his personal safety in Wudda-Wreck? Well, you needn't bother yourself trying to imagine it -- it happened

Yes, I know, there are thousands of soldiers whom the Army has failed to ensure the safety of by issuing defective body armor and under armored vehicles -- but the case of Spc. Jeremy Hall is special. He has served two tours of duty in Wudda-Wreck and has been a Combat Action Badge -- I guess that means he was somewhere where bad people were shooting at him.

Things started going sour for Jeremy on Thanksgiving, 2006. He declined to take part in a Christian prayer before doing the turkey thing as he is an atheist.

His troubles grew and came to a head in July when he organized a meeting of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers. The meeting was broken by a major who chewed Hall out for being a disgrace to the Constitution [sic!!!] and threatened him with charges of conduct detrimental to good order and discipline.

As the harassment and threats grew and became more serious, Hall was assigned a permanent bodyguard and now has been sent back to Arrogance to serve out the rest of his tour of duty there.

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