Saturday, June 21, 2008

12. Soldier of Darkness -- Prince of Peace

[I can find little to say about this, the 12th installment of "Our Common Insanity". The unknown poet hasn't left any notes lying around, not that I can find anyway. However, when he mentions "Poosah City" -- does he mean to say that he actually grew up there?

If true, it would mean that he grew up in the same town as both Ichabod Rain and Elmer Eggplant! That, in turn, brings the interesting question: did the three ever meet or, perhaps, actually know each other? Even more important, could this give us a clue as to the actual identity of the unknown poet?

That would be a feather in the cap of any researcher of the Absolute Truth, 21st Edition! Ah, it is likely nothing more than another of his coy poetic ploys for which he is so well known.]

Is there anything from the hand of a man you can trust?

I figger that's the "Sixty-Four Dollar Question",
like the one you had to answer or go bust,
on the quiz shows in Poosah City when we were children.

Later, they went for "Sixty-Four-Thousand-Dollars".
Now it's a million or more! It just goes to show
that everything's inflated. That's why we all holler
for more. For what? I really don't know...

It's almost as if a moment goes by without
our being titillated, we begin to fret!
"Gimme the zapper!" everybody shouts.
I know where that leads, so I'm not taking any bets...

It seems we'll all be left alone to grieve
with a soldier of darkness and a prince of peace.

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