Sunday, June 01, 2008

2. The Fenris Coughs...

[The first verse of "Our Common Insanity" referred to the rape and pillage of a small village during one of the many wars that burned for years on the Eurapean continent. It concluded with the observation that our modern technology delivers atrocity much more efficiently.

The second verse plays with themes from both the images from the Aberrations of St. Jawn and the Nordic prophecy the Fenris Wolf who, when released, would usher in Rawnarock]

War has become greater than Pestilence?
How odd! Do the Four Horsemen now compete?
For what prize do they strive to show their excellence:

A crown of shit? A diadem of rotting meat?

What strategy will Famine now employ?
Will Disease pull out of his sleeve a new tactical trick?
Will Death again reunite with his own true joy?
Will the winner be able to make his victory stick?

Those are sick questions to have to ask, are they not?
Do we really need to have four Horsemen at all?
Could we not get by with One - or would that ruin the plot?

Two bites from one apple, weren't they enough for one Fall?

One Horseman for all -- I think that might be enough?

I thought I just heard the Fenris' gutteral cough!

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