Sunday, June 15, 2008

9. What Kind of Future Will We Face?

[Here, in the 9th installment of the "Our Common Insanity" corona, the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy presents us with what would seem to be snippets of speech flashing by -- and yet, if you look closely, you will he is using great skill in keeping them with the meter and rhyming pattern.

In the penultimate line, readers are made sure of what they have already suspected, that the poem, with a few snapshots, is about the horrors and atrocities inflicted upon Wudda-Wreck by the Arrogant invasion.

The poem then ends with the question: What will happen when these people wounded in body, mind and soul return home?]

"We're counting to three and then you better run!
One...two -- bwah-hah! Take that you silly little shit!"

"What's that? He wasn't a bad guy -- just someone
in the wrong place at the wrong time? Here, quick,
put a shovel in his hand and let's get out of here,
that'll make it look like he was plantin' a roadside bomb..."

"Let's get back to the Dream Zone and grab a can of beer..."

"I'm sick of this place -- why the fug did we ever come..?"

"We wasted some sand niggas today, what the fug does it matter..?"

"I'm starting to see rag-heads in my dreams..."

"My buddy, his guts were all bloody and splattered..."

"If I don't get outta here soon, I'm gonna scream..."

"Wudda-wreck we have made of this place,
when we get home, I wonder, what kind of future we'll face?"

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