Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Drill! Drill! Drill!

"Drill! Drill! Drill!"

No, that is not a paean to the marvels of modern, painless dentistry -- that is the war cry of the Gaia-rapers who sing as they march to the drumbeat of talking points and sound bites:

"We must drill in the national forests, off shore and on land -- only then can we free ourselves from dependency on oil from foreign countries ruled by ogres like Sugo Half-azz and populated by Little Brown People who look like Bulimo Charisma!!!"

And thus it came to pass that the good citizens of Arrogance, trembling in fear of four dollars a gallon at the gas pumps, their fingers hovering over the touch screen voting machines, let their common pinkie point to Mad Kane who then became Prez of the United State of Arrogance!

The result, of course, was such that even a blind drunk stumble bum face down in the gutter could have foreseen it: disaster -- spelled of course, with a capital "D", red and orange flashing lights, wailing sirens, klaxon horns, fart balloons and a chorus crying "Woe!", "Ve!", "Arrgh!" and "Holy Shit, Batman!"

The thing most strange was, even as their banner "Drill!" was being raised as their Jolly Roger on the mobile oil rigs, ready to set sail to the frozen tundra of the far North and start producing oil in, oh, 4, 5, maybe 6 years or more -- at the very same time the Arrogant oil companies were exporting more and more, in fact, record amounts of refined oil and gas to the Little Brown People and even -- gasp! -- the yellow Chinee!!!

When asked about the discrepancy and their apparent lack of Arrogant Patriotism, the fat man with the man with the big cigar shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Money don't never smell bad, sonny boy!"

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