Sunday, August 31, 2008

Old Prayers Revisited

Surprisingly, "Old Prayers Revisited" is the work of that iconoclast, philosopher and part-time, self-taught theologian, Elmer Eggplant. I write "surprisingly", because usually that cantankerous old coot was much more loquacious than this.

Obviously, "Old Prayers" is a reworking of an old prayer attributed to the Holy Idaho [Madyou 6,9]. Elmer though, always maintained that it was a series of prayers and not a single prayer. He also was convinced that "bread" referred not only to food, but to the activity and struggle of life -- he based this on his observation that, "lechem" in the Strug language had a root meaning of "kneading" the dough from which bread was made.

The heavens is our father and this blue earth is our mother.

Glorify their name in being, awareness and love.

May the kingdom of spirit manifest on earth as in the heavens.

We accept our daily bread even as it is given.

We forgive others that we also be forgiven.

Let us tread not paths of temptation.

We hope to be delivered from all evil.

That which-is, the power and the glory belong to the almighty eternal, forever and ever.

So be it.

The reader should note that in his reworking of the prayer attributed to the Holy Idaho, Elmer turned the viewpoint around -- instead of, so to speak, asking the Great Potato for boons, he is building an attitude oriented towards what he refers to both as "what-is" and "almighty eternal". As a matter of fact, according to his notes, his original title for this piece was "Several Statements, Prayers and Injunctions"

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