Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Few Words on Repugnance

I just discovered an "unofficial" archive of the Great Bilmon and ran across this post there which shows just how repugnant the Repugnant Party can be out in the open -- the Great Potato only knows how repugnant they can be behind closed doors.

Well actually, I think we do have a pretty good idea. The reason for the FISA act being so important to the Codpiece administration and give retroactive immunity to the communication industry is that what the gov't had them doing was so illegal that their own people in the Department of Justice threatened to resign en masse in the runup to the (s)election in 2004 -- so, the Codpiece backed down a notch or two.

Now that the communication industry has immunity, we will never know just what was going on. But one does not have to be much of a cynic to guess that political blackmail was the nicer stuff. Heck one telecom executive is facing time in the slammer because he refused to go along with what he knew was (theen) illegal and didn't get the gov't contracts he thought he had locked in on -- they convicted him of insider trading....

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