Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Debate is a Debate is not a Debate

Here in the Happy Little Kingdom, it started. live at 3 AM and the only reason I saw anything was because, being 67, I had to get up to pee at about a half hour into the debate.  True, it can hardly be called a debate -- a debate is what Lincoln and Douglas did.  

They talked a half hour at a time, people listened and the next day people all over the country actually read what they had said in the newspapers.  Furthermore, the two actually talked about what they meant about the issues they were discussing.  Lincoln lost the election to the Senate, but the recognition he recieved nationally led to his becoming president a couple of years later.

Today, the necessary first thing to being (s)elected Senator, is at least $6 million and one or two million for a House member.  Debates are carried on by advertisements and 15-30 second slots on TV.  What is called a "debate" today between presidential candidates is little more than a session where two fighting cocks bash and slash each other with sound bites...

Anyway, I had made myself a cup of hot milk to drink so that I could better go back to sleep.  As I was drinking it, I turned on the TV and the first thing I saw was Bulimo promoting what would amount to preemptive military strikes in Pakistan.  It is enough to make a fellow barf seeing him apparently embrace the  basic tenet of the "Bush Doctrine"  which (are you listening Sarah?) means we, in our arrogance, have the right to commit whatever shit we want anywhere because we are God's Own Chosen People and the Last Best Hope of Mankind...  

But then Bulimo said something closer to what one might call intelligent.  He said that we had supported a dictator in Pakistan, Musharraf, for years and given him billions of tax payer dollars. 

MadCain, without looking at his opponent, responded in a manner consistent with the macho prick that he is -- cold, condescending and arrogant he then stated that Bulimo apparently had not understood (how could a freshman senator understand anything!) that "Pakistan was failed state then" -- the understanding being that "failed states" need a good dictator, if they can get one, especially if he happens to be our dictator.  Figuring that barfing in the middle of the night would not help me go back to sleep, I turned of the TV and went back to bed...

The fact is, dear hearts, that Pakistan was not a failed state when Mushareff took power -- that is complete bullshit!

Even now it is not a failed state.  True, we may help to kick it over the edge in the not too distant future -- if that happens, then you will really see fun and games.  The point is, though, that MadCain not only does not grasp the facts, he really doesn't care.  Neither does he care about the troops or the Arrogant people -- all that he cares about is his driving ambition to become prez of the United State of Arrogance.

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