Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sixty Trillion Dollars Boggles the Mind...

There are any number of disgusting things one could point out in this unfolding financial crisis.

Repugnant people are now trying to wipe the shit off on blacks and hispanics -- the meme is that the kind hearted loan sharks in response to the pleas of librul bleeding hearts gave loans to them there dark-skinned and swarthy people who, irresponsible dolts that they are (but they can sing and dance!), just hand jive until they are evicted...

Fact is, though, the quarter trillion in loans is just the bottom of the pyramid -- and neither is there any statistic to show that dark-skinned and swarthy people are defaulting more than working whites (i.e., real Americans) whose jobs have been sent overseas -- no, the real burden is the number of speculative monetary instruments like what is called Credit Debit Swaps.

The vampires built a house of cards based on selling and trading in the "value" of loans and skimming the cream off in real money -- the "value" of credit debit swaps in Monopoly money is -- hold your breath -- more than 60 trillion dollars! That is more than 5 times the GDP of the US ans 6 times the present national debt!

Thank the Great Potato that there is at least one congressperson ready to say that not only is the emperor not wearing any clothes but he has shit on his face

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