Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Word to Bulimo Charisma

A word to Bulimo Charisma:

The Codpiece is a war criminal -- it has nothing to do with partisan politics.  

Please investigate and prosecute and send the bugger to do some hard time.

The Repugnants will scream -- let them scream.  They had the gall to impeach a president for a blow-job -- they have no credence whatsoever.

I repeat, the Codpiece is a criminal and must  be prosecuted -- else, the office of the Presidency will be ever tainted by his misdeeds.


Anonymous said...

Hello again...

They say it takes between 6 and 18 months to recover from a manic episode. I left the ward on 8/21, but in some ways I'm starting to recover.

Meaning I've started another blog ( (many posts up so far), and become more critical of the music.

The backing tracks remain excellent, but the lead tracks sucketh, and need worketh.

Hope you and your family are well. CiCi is getting her own place next weekend, and we'll start the next part of our journey.

Peace out. (How 'bout that "Bama"?)


Chuck Cliff said...

Hi James, here's hoping things continue to go better for you and CiCi, whether you are sailing together, in sight of each other or separate oceans.

I've started posting some simple demo tracks here:

As you will note, I go in somewhat different directions musically than your good self.

I appreciate that ½ to 1½ years -- I don't know what actually happened to me then, back in '73 (somehow I avoided being committed let alone diagnosed) but took at least that long before I got over it -- actually, that's not quite right, I think I sort of digested the experience.

Anonymous said...

"Deep Water" is the best of your new efforts. Thanks for pointing me there. This consciousness stuff is truly a strange brew, I'm just glad I'm on this side of it for a while. My cycles seem to run 4-5 years (sober), so I've got some free time.. hahahaha... Glad you digested your experience - I'm still gagging on mine a bit. :-)

Really glad the CD wasn't pressed with the leads the way they are. I'm slowly but surely remixing the backing tracks, then will add new leads sometime. No clock ticking.