Thursday, January 01, 2009

Riverbend, bless you where ever you are...

... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend...

That is the logo to Riverbend's blog. She is (and I do hope she still is) a young Iraqi woman. She blogged about the horror and terror of the Arrogant invasion of her country, detailing the downward spiral of misery, from bad to worse, to completely fucked up. Because of the ethnic cleaning in Bodybag, the capitol of Wudda-Wreck, her family fled to Syria -- where we lost contact with her.

I pray she is okay, but I fear for both her life and well-being. Riverbend was/is a gifted observer/writer/documentarian of the Terrible Times as they first began to unfold in her most unfortunate land which, by odd circumstance happens to be the cradle of what we call Western Civilization.

If you know nothing or anything about the utter catastrophe the Codpiece in Chief unleased upon Wudda-Wreck for reasons even a degenerate lizard would find hard to comprehend, please go through Riverbend's archives here and begin to, well, understand is perhaps a bit too much to ask, but comprehension is a good start... 

The last we heard from Riverbend was October 22, 2007, may the God of Gods watch over and protect her, whereever she is.


Anonymous said...

I often wonder about the writer of Riverbend, whose use of the English language is beautiful and amazing. I miss her much.

I was just wondering if, in Syria, her family simply has no money to afford internet service. But if would seem to me she could during all the silent months at least have posted something.

Is she in danger and forced to hide completely? Is someone keeping her blog site paid for, or is it just cached? And what about the use of her writings for the theatrical production?

I would feel a great loss to know that her voice was lost forever.

Chuck Cliff said...

Thank you kindly for the comment, Jawbone, are you, by the way, the same Jawbone as the one who occasionally posts at MoA?

Judging from her last few posts after her family fled to Syria, it would seem money, as well as access to the internet has kept her away -- also, Syria has an enormous refugee population from Iraq and Iraqis have an extremely hard time of it there, economically and with the authorities -- these are all things she described in her last posts.

I hadn't heard about the play, so thank you for bring that to my attention. I doubt that she is getting much if any money from it.

There is also a book published by Barnes and Nobles -- does she get royalties from this? I would hope so