Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Slimy Creep of Paranoia...

[According to 2nd level footnotes of the Absolute Truth (21st Edition) the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy composed this dark sonnette even as the Itsreal military was turning the Eyeless Strip into rubble in a manner horribly remeniscent of the earlier destruction of Falludja in Wudda-wreck and other places like Guanocow]

I woke suddenly, with a slimy creep
of paranoia, a fear of being watched
by shadow things waiting for me to sleep,
so that I, in my restless dreams, might be taught
to surrender to an ugliness of mind
which trumpets "truth", but delivers death;
which preaches "peace" while making new designs
for ways to rend and tear human flesh
into tiny bits of gristle and shattered bone...

The teacher taught that there is an ultimate sin
which no one and nothing can atone,
neither now nor when final judgment begins...

At the end of days, at the end of time,
the ugly evil will never, ever rhyme!

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