Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Scribbles on a Train #1

[a thick tablet of paper with scribbles between the thin blue lines fell out of a box while I moving some stuff around - I recognized it as notes I wrote during the spring of 2005 while commuting to and from work. They will be posted off and on as I find time to type them up - Elmer Eggplant ]

With the twentieth century behind us, the century we thought was the worst in terms of human misery caused by human interactions, not disease and natural disaster, with the click of an arbitrary calendar date, we hoped or assumed that a better day would dawn in the 21st century.

However, seeing the storm clouds gathering and knowing what has already been perpetrated in this first decade, it seems that the 21st century may very well prove to be a David to the 20th century's Saul.

How simple it would be be if one could believe that all our troubles were the work of rapacious shape-shifting lizards who have infiltrated and taken over control of our poor world.

Ah, but it is all too obvious that it is the work of all of us people and nothing and no one else - what we see is the sum total of what we are are and what we are choosing to become: humans being or rat-like lemmings dashing to the sea.

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