Monday, October 18, 2010

Mountain Song

[This song has been hanging out with me for a decade or more, but last night as I had trouble sleeping because of this sharp stabbing pain in my left foot, a new verse appeared, insisting it should be the first verse and and the first should be the last]

If I sang the truth, would you
listen politely.
Or, would you scream and shout
and throw the book at me?

The truth is more than lists of rules
old fools can recite
The truth is like the shining star
that brings day into the night.

I want to sing a song, but
the song cannot be sung
I want to ring a bell, but
the bell cannot be rung

I want to try to put into words
things words cannot say
When you want to do the impossible,
you have to find a way.

The wisdom of the ages will
always be untouched
until the cripple throws away
his useless wooden crutch

That cross I see you wearing is
not the cross you need
The cross you should be bearing is
the cross that makes you bleed

When bankers of illusion try
to modify your soul,
remember when you fled the dead
and wed your self to soul

Remember all those lonely nights
you cried yourself to sleep
Remember all the promises
and the vow you meant to keep!

I want to climb a mountain but
the mountain is so high,
that at the top is where a lot
of real angels fly.

Angels sing with their silver wings
of the joy sweetness brings
Human beings sing with other wings
of the sorrows sweetness brings


TechnoBabe said...

I like this song. Wanting to put into words things that words cannot say is something I understand. And the part about the useless crutch, truly true.
The only thing I would change is the last line, I would say sweetness sorrows bring instead of sorrows sweetness brings.

Chuck Cliff said...

Thank you, for comment, TechnoB, a proper reply requires a longer response, so it will be as a follow up post in its own right