Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dogs Barking - 1

[Dear hearts, yet another sonnet corona which I discovered in 2nd level footnotes to the Absolute Truth, 21st Edition - obviously, this is the work of the Unknown Poet of the Third Galaxy]

1. Dogs Barking

We woke because we heard the dogs barking...
We thought it was nothing...

We should have known better!

All too soon, we heard the sound of soldiers' harking,
spitting in the cold, damp, misty damp weather!

I called them soldiers - but that is not what they were:
scoundrels, mercenaries, killers for hire!

It was obvious what would all too soon occur:
a night of pillage and rape and our village on fire...

This was the time of the War of a Hundred Years...
Or was it Seven or Thirty...?

I never could get the numbers straight!

All I know for sure is we harvested tears,
that the root of war is planted in greed and hate.

But we're better today - we kill from great distance
and War has become greater than Pestilence!

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