Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Worth our Trust?

[As we know, the final stanza of a corona is simply the final lines of the preceding thirteen plus the opening line of the first sonnet - the Unknown Poet tweaks the lines in various degrees so that the confused result makes almost as much sense as the rest of his poetry.]

14. Worth Our Trust?

What in all of this was worth our trust
or the loss of our common humanity?

Falling down towards abysmal gates,
we think,
"Can there really be a being without a heart
that would crush the world under iron heels?"

If you squeeze your eyes you’ll see a bit of light,
however, when them snake eyes wink,
do you see something deeper that you’re afraid to mention?

The "Lord" such serve rules a kingdom of death,
but when the wounded heart reappears
from behind a pack of lies and flatulence,
will we hear the Fenris’ guttural cough?

Will War have become greater than Pestilence?
Will we wake up to the sound of dogs barking?

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