Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sarin in Leather

An intelligent person would assume that for Sarah Sarin to make a bid to be the Repugnant Party's candidate for Supreme Hole of the United State of Arrogance was both ridiculous and doomed to failure. However, intelligent people generally continue to misunderstand both the game and the goal.

The fact is, running for the highest office of Arrogance in itself would make Sarin wealthy - more accurately, stinking, filthy rich and losing in the bid in itself would only make her support among the Pee Party fringe of the Repugnant Party more solid than ever. As the Terrible Times slouch closer, a single natural disaster of sufficient magnitude could change the rules of the games being played in the Third Galaxy and apparently worthless marbles could suddenly be valuable indeed.

This may seem like thought fluff, but everyone agrees Sarin is a knock-out in black leather on a motorcycle.

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