Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Speaking of carnage

After the latest carnage because any dingbat in his wrong mind can grab something like a semi-automatic Bushmaster - the expected chorus of religious blasphemy cranks up, it's not the access a dingbat has to the semi-automatic, it is:

  1. ban on school prayer
  2. smart phones
  3. gay marriage
  4. marijauna 
  5. not spanking 
  6. teenagers who use cuss words
  7. black people (or whatever...)
That is to say, for some reason, take your pick, God is pissed off - none of these things would happen if we got rid of numbers 1 through 7 and any others these blasphemers might think of in a God Dominionated America.

It seems to me, that when someone uses "God" as a codeword, half the people turn their brains off and the other half stick their fingers in their ears.  The reason for that is there are too many people with access to the mass media who do God-speak with their heads up their collective ass...

Again, again - it's the ease of access to things whose only use is to kill people - don't blame God!


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