Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gitmo Blues Revisited

What was I thinking? No, correct that, what was I thinking with? Whatever it was, it sure wasn’t what’s left of my shriveled brain!

True, no one has accused me of anything – yet – but I preemptively accuse and castigate myself and promise self-flagellation until the early hours of the morning.

In yesterday’s post I compared the Three Stooges to the three stooges who hung themselves in their luxury suites at the Hotel Gitmo’! Did I really think I’d let myself get away with that?

Moe, Curly and Larry are heroes!

These other stooges at the very least were vicious terrorists who presented a clear and present danger to the Security of our Beloved Country. Why else would our government hold them prisoner for over four years, without accusing them of any crime, not allowing their names to be known until recently -- or allow the prisoners know that legal measures were being taken on their behalf?

For our government to treat them like that, obviously they must be very bad people! The thought that they may have had connections with the notorious Boo-Boo Wankerman or even Ahsawyah Been-Lately gives me shivers and goose-bumps!

True, that isn’t certain – government spokesmen have only implied that it might be so. But government people can’t always say everything they know because our enemies might realize how little they really do know and then the terraists would win!

However, consider the way that they viciously attacked us and all of the Free World by hanging themselves in their cells hotel suites – that itself proves what kind of monsters they were, with no respect for the value of human life, not even their own!

Actually, hanging doesn’t give a good picture of how these three unfortunate men ended their time on the mortal coil. They dangled from strips of bed sheet tied to the top of their cages as they slowly strangled. They didn’t actually sing as many bars of “Hotel Gitmo’ Talking Blues” as I implied in yesterday’s post.

Depending on how long their guards played cards, watched football, porno, or whatever they do instead of checking on their hotel guests, our three stooges swollen tongues stuck out like purple sausages. The lights are on 24/7 at Hotel Gitmo, so you would think the color would be easy to see. However, florescent lighting gives a false impression colors.

In this way mainstream media can be compared to florescent lighting.

How else to understand that most Americans now accept torture?

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