Saturday, June 03, 2006

Two Plus Two = Five

There are times I have to repeat things to myself, that’s why you often see my lips moving when I look like I’m thinking.

The reason I have to do this is because I can’t understand why, when what I see looks like it adds up to what it obviously adds up to – why the MSM (Mainstream Media) comes up with something else.

It’s like, I’m sitting here saying, “Well, I think I remember when I was kid that 2 + 2 = 4, but I’m just me with a teeny-weeny voice and the MSM has immense bullhorns blaring that 2 + 2 = 5, so jeeze, maybe I’m out to lunch on this…” It’s then a fellow has to wonder, “Have I forgotten how to add?”

Take this example: government agencies use our tax money to do warrantless searches and spy on millions of Americans. They do that without legal redress of any sort – except that the President says that he has the right to ignore any law he wants to ignore.

The Congress, when the NSA scandal is brought to it’s attention, wakes up full of fire and fury then falls down like a paid wuss saying, “Well, that’s okay, nothing happening here, folks, just move along…”

Congress then goes back to sleep and snores as billions of our tax dollars – taxes which mega-corporations don’t pay because they use a fraction of the dollars they don’t pay in taxes to bribe and out right BUY Congress members – those tax dollars, billions of them, which we have to pay, because somebody’s got to put something in the kitty and the super-rich won’t and don’t – those billions are piddled away on this spy project and dozens of others that we aren’t supposed to know anything about, because it’s secret and if we knew anything the terrorists would win… (I got to take a deep breath…)

After all that, the police, with warrants, go into a congressman’s office and impound some papers. It is common knowledge that this congressman is corrupt – corrupt as in being up to his eyeballs in shit.

Well, well, what happens then?


Hmmn let me see:

Searches without warrants of John Common Taxpayer and Joe Six-pack = OKAY

Searches with warrants of Crooked Congressman = BAD, BAD, DOUBLE BAD

Yeah, now I get it!

Two plus two = five!

I feel sooo much better now…

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