Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ask not for Whom the Birth Pangs Pang...

Things are so much easier to understand when seen from the viewpoint of the Third Galaxy!

When Ronald Rexona refers to the Great Potato and talks about paving the way for the Return of His Son, the Holy Idaho, everybody knows what he is talking about.

True, nobody can be sure that Ronald Rexona himself knows what he’s talking about, but that really doesn’t matter all that much. He is the Decider and knowing too much can make it hard to make the kind of decisions a Decider needs to make – that is, firm decisions, decisions one sticks to no matter how harshly reality butts with uncomfortable footnotes.

A real Decider “stays-the-course” and never, never “cuts and runs”. All a real Decider needs is gut-feeling and knowing that he is doing the Will of the Great Potato.

Sooo, when I rambled yesterday about “Birth Pangs”, poking fun at Ms. Condi and her boss, Mr. Codpiece, I was a bit in doubt as to whether my dear reader(s) would understand the significance of “End Times” and “Rapture” babble in this context.

It would be of little significance if it was just a question of another Jonestown or Heaven’s Gate cult of a couple dozen or even a thousand poor souls whacked out on yet another alternative reality cooked up by a kook in a funny suit.

Like you, I’ve opened up for the news in the morning and heard how they all died drinking the kool-aid and it always hurts to learn that life has been once again tossed away like an empty beer can. It hurts even more to think of the ones who loved them.

But, in the bigger picture it’s a small thing, a ripple in the metapsychic interstices. It’s not something that could rip a hole in the very fabric of existence, which is exactly why this strong illusion about “End Times”, “Rapture” and “Second Coming” is so dangerous when people who want to push for a World War III are ready to tap into such madness – they’re tickling the dragon’s tail! (I wish I was making this up, but the echo machine has been on this ever since the first “made in the USA” laser guided bombs started falling, here’s something of a tally of the pundit choir collected by Bill Berkowitz)

A very large majority of Americans are walking around with this idea that we are living in the End Times and a large part of them more or less believe that, before the End, there will be a Rapture.

What is “Rapture”? It all depends on which of the many false prophets you’ve been taken in by, but the general idea is that before the End, all those who have a real cool relationship to the Holy Idaho, will be transported up to Heaven where they get to sit in comfy sofas with Jeeezus and munch pop-corn while watching the birth pangs pang.

In order to sell WWIII to the American people you need to convince them that Forces of Evil are aligned against God’s Holy People. Of course you don’t want to put it that bluntly, but if you get your code words right you can win an election.

After that you can do whatever it is you think the Great Potato wants you to do.

My unemployed angel from the Third Galaxy urges me to deliver this warning which supposedly got straight from the Spud of the Great Potato:

You who do things in word or deed with the intention of bringing to fruition these false prophecies commit deep and terrible sins against your common humanity.

The role and reward you will receive in these proceedings is not the one you desire or expect and it will certainly not be one you will appreciate or covet, for it is the role and reward of Judas Iscariot.


Anonymous said...

I am realizing more and more, the simplicity of nuclear fusion and its end results are what the predators of this planet fear from the upstart nations. The clock continues to tick. So in 61 years of nuclear evolution , the math teachers of this planet have made and published their calculations / findings and we, the prey, at the bottom end of the food chain, are part of the equation.
Let me make it even more simplistic. With all the mega, electronic propaganda machines working overtime to feed disinformation, behind the scenes you will find the following.
The United States of Arrogance ,is wholly aware of its Achilles Heal . The recent implications, that North Korea, is putting together a missile program to be on par with the “World Predator’s Military Industrial Complex” ( Why We Fight ) , is simply to show that N. Korea has the ability to move the clock closer. This is frightening, as from the beginning the next leadership of all governments, passes rules and doctrines to the next administration and their agenda. The Achilles Heal of any country is its ports. Close down the ports and you have succeeded in collapsing that infrastructure. With the U.S. having 18 main ports of entry (POE’s) from Seattle to Maine, the three targeted ports will be Long Beach, Houston and Baltimore. Baltimore, as it is the port which services Washington, DC. The irony is that any ship with 1500 sea containers will be the “Missile” which delivers the nuclear pay load. The device will be used as a gun with no serial numbers that has been used in a crime. While the impact will be immediate, all the ports of the U.S. will close allowing nothing to be imported or exported. We then implode, our prisons will be opened and anarchy will prevail. Mad Max comes to mind, however, so does Rwanda. We are living in a time warp of predetermined ciaos. We the people / citizens, need to make sure that there is a safe haven for our families inland and keep that goal in mind, when the coastal cities are being eliminated by natural, or unnatural chain of events.

Chuck Cliff said...

Well, cousin, nuclear fusion is simple but getting what you need to do it is not.

As far as nuclear devices are concerned it actually is a lot more complicated than putting sparkplugs in your car.

The technology of a "shotgun" device is so simple that the US didn't test it before "Little Man" was dropped on Hiroshima.

However, this kind of hell-device requires uranium consisting of a high procentage of the U235 isotope.

What I'm saying is that weapons grade uranium ain't something you can get at the drugstore. It can't be produced except by a state-sponsered project.

Frankly I think no state would give or sell the power which the possesion of atomic weapons gives to a non-state organization.

Even if Saddam Hussein HAD such shit somewhhere in his backyard (which he did not!)he would NOT give it to "terrorists".

Plutonium bombs are harder to control, assuming that the azzholes in question can get access.

"Trinity" was a plutonium device and her sister was "Fat Man" who fell upon Nagasaki the morning of August 9.

In principle, the plutonium hell-machince is more complicated, but "advances" have been made.

Still, I can't see how anybody, even with a couple of billion dollars to blow, could do the ground work needed to make an explodable device.

There are other, diabolical, ways to deliver a hell-machine to our shores -- it's just science fiction but quite feasable. I don't name them because I am a patriot, I love America from the bottom of my heart. If they ever take my blue passport it will be from my dying figners.

Sooo, sleep well, cousin, I don't think there will be the scenario you mention -- but then, re1ality trumps all our expectations

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)