Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hearts of Glory

I don’t about you, but I’m starting to get just a little depressed with all these posts about the devolution of the Third Galaxy into a black hole of tyranny. Some of my readers have even implied that I am trying to say that our world is headed in that direction – nothing could be further from the truth!

Here is a song-poem of hope and yearning for the fulfillment of the ancient dream of our common humanity. This is supposed to be from the harp of the legendary Ichabod Rain. Who was he (or she)? Nobody knows for sure. Some say that he was a field agent for the Alien Veggies, but I find that unlikely. This may be true of the always pedantic Elmer Eggplant, but Ichabod was too much of the independent iconoclast and free radical to be an agent for anyone, including himself.

Whatever the truth of the matter (and we can never be sure just what the truth is in any of these matters) the song can stand on its own, whether composed by Ichabod Rain, Joe Blow – or even by me:

I dreamt a dream of ancient times
when hearts were filled with glory;
And everyone was living in
sweet simplicity.
I pray it’s not a fable,
I pray that the day will come:
When, to live like this, in Eden’s bliss,
will be reality.

I dreamt I saw an open door
within each human heart,
And I saw the bonds that keep us close
although we are apart.
I pray it’s not a fable,
I pray that the day will come:
When the love that lives for everyone
shines through -- bright morning star!

I dreamt I heard tin silver bells
proudly pealing and ringing,
And these songs I heard, without any words,
were only angels singing.
I pray it’s not a fable,
I pray that the day will come:
When every girl and boy will know the joy
that lives in everything.

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