Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Synchronized Soldiers, Part II

[In yesterday’s post we met Captain Arnold Schatzenbooger, who because of a partial disability is no longer an active Synchronized Soldier. Instead he travels the country giving this lecture to young people. Today he is addressing the students of Poosah City High School. He has just finished telling then that, in essence, the SS is the toughest meanest kick-ass elite unit the world has ever seen…]

You may not know it, but one of the great difficulties faced by mass armies of the first democracies is that the common soldier could not be depended upon to act immediately with the use of deadly of force when ordered to shoot to kill. This was ridiculous!

How can you have decent war when soldiers won’t even try to kill each other?

In the “Great War”, the “War-to-End-War”, nearly eighty percent of the soldiers would not shoot to kill. Of course: when bullets flew past their ears; shells landed in their foxholes and body parts started falling around them – and, last but not least, after a few cowards were lined up and shot – they at least would point their guns in the general direction of their enemy and pull the trigger...

It is our national leaders and their generals and officers we have to thank for that all went well in the end! Without their élan, commitment and determination, it would not have been possible to fill up all those graves with millions and millions of bodies!

In the “War-to-Make-the-World-Safe-for...Whatever...” there was much progress. After a few months of intense training, nearly fifty percent of the soldiers would shoot to kill the first time they got the order – maybe they couldn’t hit the side of barn, but their hearts were in the right place, bless them!

[Arnold smiles, flashing white teeth]

In the War-to-Save-the-Dominoes, the percentage was almost eighty percent! Some say that was, at least in part, due to the fact that we were fighting yellow geeks who didn’t fight fair. Whether true or not, that observation has been incorporated in both our training and work as modern SS men...

If you know your military history, another reason for improvement in the “ready to kill when ordered” rates was due, not so much to the training – although that cannot be disregarded – but more to advances in military technology.

Killing becomes less real when done at a distance!

The flowering explosions far below as bombs are dropped from on high – who can deny their beauty?

When you cover villages or fill bunkers with burning jelly at a distance of a half mile or more, it’s almost a sensual pleasure to see the roil of flame and smoke – and you don’t hear the screams or the crackle of burning flesh.

Today, after cessation of hostilities, we can quickly bulldoze scenes of military carnage under tons of sand no one has to smell the “perfume of the battlefield*”

But technology has even left all that behind. There is no longer any military force in the world which can even pretend to contend directly with the armed forces of the Arrogant State. The battlefields of today are in the mega cities, the barrios and the slums.

It has always been an axiom that technological advance cannot replace the need for the foot-slogger, the grunt-on-the-ground. That was true until the advent of the Synchronized Soldier, when the question became moot, or should we say: MOUT** .

With the Synchronized Soldier, technology came to the foot-slogger so to speak, melding military with police and crowd control functions.

Nearly impervious in his air-conditioned Kevlar reinforced armor, the Synchronized Soldier is a grunt who can literally “whistle while he works” in the slums, the barrios, and other unruly areas of the mega cities where we find our modern War Zones!

Electronically networked with the MERDE computers and with the dark visor of the Synchronized Soldier’s shining white armor lowered, the soldier may look like a bug-eyed monster from hell outfitted with high-powered weaponry – but no! – appearances can be deceiving!

* The “perfume of battle” is the stink of shit and piss interlaced with the reek of rotting flesh and just a tang of vomit.

**MOUT = Military Operations on Urban Terrain – using a combination of absolute air superiority combined with ground troops outfitted with hi-tech armor, communication and highly versatile and potent weapons the Automated Army can literally chew its way through urban areas with sustainable losses to its own forces.

[to be continued…]

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