Sunday, July 30, 2006

When Enlightenment and Freedom Mutates...

Before she mutated into the United State of Arrogance, she was something else, a bright and shining promise of freedom and democracy in the Third Galaxy. With honest pride she bore seven stars upon her brow. She was a beacon of freedom and her most famous symbol was that of Enlightenment and Liberty.

The name she had then can no longer be spoken aloud, only whispered in secret, “The Mother of all Freedom”. True, like all nations, her people ran this way and that and the high ideals of her youth were often compromised – but at the end of the day she stayed on course for more than two and a half centuries.

The source of her strength and renewal was not her flag, but the Ground Law given her at birth. “We the people…” never before in a world run by snotty kings and queens, cruel tyrants and silly pontiffs had such a thing been seen or heard!

The wonder of the Ground Law was that it was constructed in such a way so that, although the power came from the people, it hindered the tyranny of a simple majority over the minority. It was constructed in such a way so as to keep one branch of government from overpowering the others. The result was that although good things sometimes could not be realized, on the other hand evil things were prevented.

All this was true until the rise of the Supreme Hole – she then lost her innocence, her name in the metapsychic interstices became the “Great She Goat” and in the manifest reality the “Bitch of Babylon”.

Elmer Eggplant tried to describe these developments in his essay “The Word Wars”. However he neglected several important points. First of all, Mr. Eggplant has the habit of writing about “them”, what “they” have done. He seems to forget that in a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” the people are responsible for what is done in their name. If we deny that, then democracy ain’t worth the shit off a fly’s ass.

Her Ground Law was constructed with the understanding in mind that the heart beat of democracy is the people – well informed people. Ignorant people can no more make wise decisions no more than ignorant leaders can.

Therefore, two keystone elements of the Ground Law were freedom of speech and freedom of the people to assemble.

But there is more in freedom of speech than keeping the avenues of information open in order to maintain a well informed public body:

If you cannot speak your mind you cannot know your mind.

  • If you do not know your own mind you cannot control it.
  • If you cannot control your own mind others will only be too glad to do it for you.

The Mother of all Freedom is the Freedom of Speech!

But if the people choose to be ignorant, what can be done? If they favor illusion over reality, lies over truth, hypocrisy over honesty – what then?

What happened to establish the United State of Arrogance was not Ronald Rexona’s “fault” or the “fault” of the many lesser holes who helped facilitate his ascendancy. They shared the fault with the False Prophets and the Bankers of Illusion, the mighty mega-corps – yes, that and more!

But, the real fault lay with the many who embraced ignorance and despised intellect, who saw avarice as a virtue and compassion as something for wussies – all of which led to their incompetence as a body politic. Then, with the ascendancy of the Supreme Hole, all was lost and there was no turning back.

Of couse, nothing like could ever happen in our own world!

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