Saturday, July 29, 2006

Castles of Children

I don't know about you, but I'm getting a bit depo over all these things I've been posting lately and having to read it through before I post it.

Sooo, I dug into my poetry bag and found this lovely little thing, "Castles of Children". All I know for sure is that it was written before February, 1999, which is when I found it in one of my notebooks. I assume I wrote it, but, on the other hand it
could have been an early channeling from that un-employed angel, Man-u El Ishman, in which case I should attribute it to that well- but un-known poet from the Third Galaxy:

The door opened slowly and into the room
Flew castles of children, all carrying brooms:

"Up in the attic, there's cobwebs and gloom!"
"Down in the cellar, it's crawling with doom!"
"Clean it all out -- and ever so soon!"
"Clean it up now with dust-pan and broom!"

These children flew around like a swarm of young bees,
So busy that they hardly noticed me
Standing there, amazed at their efficiency.

"Who are you, young children? Where do you come from?"

"Don't worry, old man, we were sent by Someone
To clean up the mess you've made of your life
& reunite you again with the love-of-your-life"

"But, children, it's already late afternoon!"

"Don't worry," they cried, "we're finished & soon
The sun will be shining into all of your rooms."

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