Friday, July 28, 2006

World War Willies

My researches have lead me to believe that there occurred a rip in the fabric of the metapsychic interstices which allowed influences from the Third Galaxy to seep into our own world.

Although there were signs of it earlier, it became apparent after the Neocons came to power in 2001. Their plan to conquer the world had already been outlined in the Project for the New American Century, published in 1998. By no odd coincidence there was a similar document in the Third Galaxy which went under the code name “Mein Kampf of Arrogance”.

Then came TT, Terrible Tuesday -- the chance they had been waiting for. The closing statements of the PNAC recognized that it would be difficult to get the American public to go along with the plan unless a “Pearl Harbor” class incident occurred. Objectively, TT was not a “Pearl Harbor”. What happened in 1941 was a surprise attack by a national state which destroyed our Pacific Fleet. TT had no military significance and as a human tragedy can be compared to many others which we and other people have recovered. However, because it was so visual and because there was no real leadership, the American public went into a state of psychosis from which much of it has not yet awakened. For whatever reason, probably profits on the bottom line, the Bankers of Illusion for years have pandered to this psychosis and failed to tell us about the delusions of the Neocons and their plan to conquer the world.

How did happen that they got their lucky chance and why was Mr. Codpiece allowed to act out his fantasies of power? Was it through incompetence – the kind of incompetence which oozes from a conflation of arrogance and avarice? Was it the fruit of some other insane plan like Operation Northwood? Or was it just plain bad luck? We’ll never know, no more than we’ll never know what really came down the tube when JFK was killed.

All we can know for sure is something of what has happened since.

America reacted to the tragedy as if the sky had fallen. What should have been a police action to bring mass murderers to justice became endless wars with no clear purpose, lives squandered to for no good reason and incredible amounts of money, enough to boggle even a multi-billionaire’s imagination, pissed away into a hole in the ground.

Oh yeah, here’s the money quote from Digby’s blog that set me off on this rant.

This is a very dangerous moment for the world. The US is showing over and over again that it is immoral and incompetent. That is the kind of thing that leads ambitious, crazy or stupid people to miscalculate and set disastrous events in motion. The neocons have destroyed America's carefully nurtured mystique by seeking to flex its muscles for the sake of flexing them. What a mistake. This country is much, much weaker today because of it and the world is paying the price. At some point I have to imagine that we are going to be paying it too. Big Time.


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