Thursday, August 10, 2006

Big Bust!

Big bust in England!

First twenty, now twenty four arrested and some suspects still at large. Heathrow closed much of the afternoon. It was THE news here in the Happy Little Kingdom of Denmark today.

What to make of it? I really don’t know. It’s really not too smart to comment on unfolding news because you’re liable to end up sitting with your foot in your mouth and egg on your face. But that’s never bothered talking heads on television, so why should the Crazy Bird care. He’s so out to lunch he might consider a cream pie in the face to be dessert.

It’s only the fact that it is coming from England that I don’t react completely hard-line cynical. British Intelligence still has and deserves some respect and isn’t laughed off as an oxymoron.

If the Brits really have a case here, this is how to fight terror, investigation, police work – that is where to put the money and, hopefully, get the least bang for the buck.

Unfortunately, as an American, I suffer from “Cry Wolf” syndrome. Just as I am collating the news in my little bird brain, Mr. Codpiece appears on the screen, “This is a [pause to think the multi-syllable word through] his-tor-i-cal event which reminds us that America is at war with Islamic fascists…” [that’s as close as I can recall]

Unfortunately, I remember a couple of years ago when the Bush Admin (surprise!) just before the election blew smoke about a terror cell in England. Unfortunately they forgot to warn Brit Intel about it and the terror rats scurried for cover and half of them got away. Sooo, as a cynical old man, I suspect the Brits may have had to go into this action earlier than they would have wished.

However, it is a bit long to November, ahhh – but not that long to September when the Labour Party holds its annual convention and Mr. Blair is expected to be in trouble. unless of course unforeseen event(s) arise and cause Mr. Blair to once again molt into a fearless leader.

Again I apologize most abjectly for my skeptic cynicism, but somewhere in my shattered mind there is this ridiculous feeling that this is a preliminary to the run-up to (preventative) war with Iran.

No, I only wear my tin-foil hat while I sleep!

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