Friday, August 11, 2006

Big Bust, day two...

Well, I don't know if I forgot to take off my tinfoil hat this morning when I got up or not, but at least it appears I am not alone in my attack of "cry wolf" cynical suspicion. I also heard some things on the Danish radio this morning that made my antenna quiver.

Here are links to the best comments/updates I know of:

Juan Cole with his always on target Informed Comments

Bilmon with his always incisive and well formulated observations

Psychotic Patriot who is hopping mad about this and also has one from American Progress

Lurch at Main and Central who has a scary background piece for those who can't comprehend that there is a general drift towards a war with Iran.

Update: 12:13 PM Basically, we can deduce that the Codpiece Administration has and is in fact using this event to manipulate public opinion and smear Democrats for being weak wimps in the War on Terror, GWOT or whatever the most recent Orwellian phrase is being used in talking points, but which translates as not supporting the Codpiece Administration’s wars of aggression, those in progress or those in planning.

The tragedy is that there is a real danger from these groups and cells – but practically nothing our administration has done has addressed the problem in meaningful ways. Homeland Security has been used for political purpose and gain from day one.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed another Crazy Bird's generous portion serving dear Aunt Helen's prose. Enjoy reading yours, daily.

Janice Joplin sang "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose".. America today has only the freedom with which to examine our own chains.

san diego, ca.

Anonymous said...

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