Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Coming War(s)

Can you read between the lines?

Can you unravel the skein of spin, find the red thread and watch it squiggle between the disinformation and lies?

It really isn’t all that hard, all you really need to do is listen with an open heart, a discerning mind and look behind the Glowing Words our leaders use when they would bedazzle us.

Madmen are leading the human race by the nose to trade in the paradise this earth could be on a pot of garbage.

The coming war on Iran is just a beginning and the link here to Juan Cole’s Informed Comment is but one of many I could use. I chose this one because retired CIA analyst on Arab affairs, Ray Close, is obviouslyknows more than a whacko blogger like me.

This is what it boils down to: just as plans for the invasion of Lebanon were a least a year in the making, waiting for a suitable provocation, so have the plans for a major attack on Iran been cooking on the back burner for at least two years. These plans are waiting for a suitable provocation.

A striking feature of the war-on-hold in Lebanon is that all involved parties are claiming victory. Instead of puking all over my laptop screen, I will let the mighty Bilmon speak for me:

“This is the kind of simian hooting and chest beating that makes me wish I'd been born into a more respectable species -- like the hyenas or the slime eels or the dung beetles.”

The reader may well wonder why I get my bowels in an uproar over war on Iran. Iran is the apex of the Axis of Evil. The best one can say about their president is that he’s more spaced-out than our president. You can have your doubts about whether Mr. Bush really believes in the End Times, Rapture and Second Coming. Mr. Ahmadinejad, on the other hand not only believes in the Muslim variant on the Apocalypse, he apparently thinks he is a major player in The (Ultimate) END Game.

The given reasons for the coming war will be that Iran has provoked us, that we have intelligence at least as reliable as that we had on Iraq and that Iran is already has Bombs. THEREFORE, much as we regret having to do so, we’ll have to use nuclear bombs in our attack on Iran.

These bombs will be called “tactical nuclear weapons” or the more technical sounding “B61-11 nuclear bunker busters”. Giving them names like this makes them much safer to use than “atomic bombs”!

Because Our Cause is Right and Just, there will be no danger of escalation into a nuclear exchange. Countries like Russia and China will all poop in their pants knowing that we are not afraid to nuke countries that displease us. Therefore they and others will disarm, destroy their nuclear arsenals and bow down to America, asking her to maintain the World Peace.

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