Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Despise the Apocolypse

[Words supposedly spoken by one of the false prophets in the Third Galaxy before Operation Real Nice Freedom. From the context he is probably one of those who claim to follow the Holy Idaho.

Frankly though, I suspect my un-employed angel is pulling my leg -- nobody could be so crazy as think that the Great Potato actually wants people to march off and kill for the Glory of God!!!

His words blare over the ranks as the Glorius Flag of Arrogance ripples slowly in the backdrop behind him...]

"As we march towards the fields of Armeggedon,

I feel I must remind you once again --

'I feel'? -- Nay! -- the Spirit goads me on!

I tell you: we march against the Armies of Sin!"

"It's the Devil's Own Horde whose bones we'll crush

To dust into the clay this Glory Day!

In deeds of blood we'll prove the faith and trust

Of those who know the truth of what I say!"

As on and on he ranted words like this,

The army ranks replied with roars of thanks

That God had sent them such a holy prophet,

Who gave them not only guns -- but armoured tanks!

[and dry comment from the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy...]

But from where did this idea happen to come:

That any at Megiddo fight for the Kingdom?

I tell you true, it's all a dirty lie:

If salvation comes, it's not because, but in spite of
the Apocolypse!

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