Wednesday, August 02, 2006

All the bombs....

The 6th of August is my birthday.

It is also the anniversary of the most efficient device of mass murder ever to be used on a human population. I’m referring to the death-day when “Little Boy” floated down from a clear blue summer sky and gave the civilians of Hiroshima a different kind of sunrise than they had ever known.

It gave them a sunrise where the flesh on their faces melted away and their bones were turned to dust, just like in the final scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

That was some sixty odd years ago and look at where we are today. There are literally thousands of armed and ready warheads ready to be released on short notice, quicker than the time that it takes to get through to the telephone company to ask them why they screwed up your bill again. Many of these warheads would make “Gadget”, “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” seem like wet firecrackers.

The threat of a serious exchange with nuclear armed weapons is arguably the most serious threat to life on this planet. It has been this way all my life. Yet, what they scare us with is the danger of terrorists getting their hands on a nuclear device of some sort and using it to blow something up. Or you hear about the danger of Iran developing a bomb and using it to blackmail us or give it to terrorists.

Those are serious problems, but something simply doesn’t compute. It would seem to me that the people most likely to use something would be those who had the most of it. This must be especially true when some of those who have the most have actually used it and have been making noises about using them again.

These are the nations with large nuclear arsenals and the capability to deliver warheads almost anywhere in the world, quickly and on short notice: United States of America, Russia, England, France and China

Then there are those who have serious arsenals and who could deliver them in their part of the world: Israel, India and Pakistan.

North Korea could inflict serious damage on both South Korea and Japan with its small arsenal. However, Japan could likely assemble a dozen bombs with a week. It might do that if an attack seemed imminent from the Hermit Kingdom. South Korea could possibly do the same trick on a smaller scale.

If the [nuclear] shit ever really hits the fan, it will come as quite a surprise just how many national states are holding Aces – that is, nuclear weapons.

It won’t make the world a safer place if Iran develops a bomb. But it’s not the end of the world. The end of the world is when national states start using such death demons.

As of today, there is only one state which has actually ever unleashed them and it happens to be the same state that has recently been airing the idea of doing it again.

One thing is certain, if the shit does hit the fan, our leaders will proclaim they are doing it for the sake of Peace, for Freedom and Democracy, to serve the Great Potato or Whatever.

By the way, “All the bombs are in the hands of terrorists!”

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