Friday, August 04, 2006

I am an American, and proud of it...

I came to this land on the Mayflower and in the bottoms of other stinking ships, sometimes in freedom, sometimes in chains...

A draft dodger during the Civil War, I worked my way through Canada and died somewhere in Mexico -- with a gun in each hand.

On the desolation of the western plains: we hung a murderer by the light of the full Moon. We buried him by the roadside, next to the man he had killed that very same morning.

I once owned half the waterfront of what is now downtown Chicago and let it slip through my fingers.

Mothers and fathers, poets and paupers, preachers and puritans, heathens and harlots, sometimes noble sometimes a scoundrel -- hardworking, common folk for the most, I built this land and made it what it was:

A nation conceived in a vision that a society could actually be dedicated to liberty and justice and even equality.

A vision common in the human heart: “When Adam plowed and Eve span, who then was the gentleman?”

A vision common to all humankind, but seldom realized and then imperfectly so, even in “the Land of the Free” .

Democracy and freedom did not simply fall into our laps.

The prize was felicitously snatched from the whirlwinds of history and we paid for them in installments of life blood, tears and sacrifice.

Freedom, Liberty and Justice are more than artifacts, mental constructs or philosophical abstracts. They are burning desires in the heart of our common humanity.

If we forsake it all for the Lure of Empire, what will America then become?

[It seems that a lot of people don't recognize the flag I use. It is the so-called Betsy Ross flag, called that because a lady by that name sewed it as the first American flag. Actually there had been other flags used but this was commission officially commissioned in May, 1776, three months before Independence was actually declared. The thirteen stars and stripes represent the thirteen colonies who were then trying to achieve independence.]

The painting was done by Charles H. Weisgerber. You can see it in better quality here.


Rosemary said...

God bless you, man. I love America, also. I wish you well, and I pray for your good health. Lovely article. Keep it up!

Chuck Cliff said...

Gee, thanks, Rosemary!

Like I always say, some of us wave the flag from the right and some from the left and we ought to be able to meet, at least some of us!

Rosemary said...

Agreed! After all, the flag does not belong to one political party or the other. On 9/11/2001, there were as many liberals as conservates (maybe more liberals?) on those planes and in those buildings.

The terrorists do not care which side of the aisle we are on. They just wanted to kill as many of us as they could.

I will protect my liberal friends as sure as I breathe the same air! lol. Have a great day. God bless you.

Chuck Cliff said...

Uh, actually I doubt very much anybody was thinking much about being a this or that or whatever on TT.

In fact, I don't think of myself as a this or that or a whatever and I'm sitting here on a lovely summer evening in a nice soft chair.

That said, why just two labels? A lot of Americans might find they were libertarian if they knew what that meant. Are freethinkers liberal or conservative?

A person can be conservative in economics, liberal in education, libertarian regarding guns and freethinker in religious matters