Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rare and Pretty Sight. -- A Picture of Hope

No, that is not the rare and pretty sight over there -->

As I mentioned yesterday, August 6 is my birthday which also happens to be the deathday for the first use of the most effiecient device of mass murder ever used on a human populations, which is why I have a bit of a fixation on the mis-use of human knowledge in all its forms, especially nuclear technology.

In that connection, I'm working on a post about the use of "Uranium Light" in the Third Galaxy, or as we call it in our world, "Depleted Uranium". I found some pictures to go with the article -- but they were so terrible to behold I got the queebies at the idea of publishing them here.

So, I decided to think about a bit on what I wanted to do a post something not only rare, but very pretty -- a picture of the "Green Flash".

I downloaded this really great shot of this amazing meterological phenomenon from the website of the Danish Meterological Institute taken by a Dane named Jesper Groenne (the name actually means "Green"!

The Green Flash (Groenne Glimt)occurs just as the sun is going below the horizon -- because of refraction in the atmosphere we see the longer wave lengths first, but green is the last becuse the shorter wavelengths get scattered too much. That's why the daylight sky is blue by the way.
Be careful not to look at the sun itself when it is still above the horizon. They say the best place is when you can look out over the ocean.

Anyway, since green is the color of hope, I think it is a fine picture to post in these days of Tortilla madness

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Diane said...

That is lovely. You probably already know this, but the green flash exists because of air pollution. Without debris in the air, the flash would be blue.