Friday, September 01, 2006

About to Travel Rant

The Crazy Bird and his Sunflower Woman will be going on vacation in a couple of days. We’ll be away for three weeks traveling from the Happy Little Kingdom of Denmark to the States by one of those things that fly through the sky and leave long white clouds behind them – I think they are called “airplanes”.

In these times it’s odd to consider the thoughts which flit through ones own mind and the comments one hears – that is compared with ten, twenty years ago.

My own daughter said, in reference to my blog, “Dad, aren’t you afraid of getting arrested?” That kind of took me aback a bit – have we really come so far (down)? Not that it is a real concern.

My blog is so small. That means that my sarcasm and attempts at wit fall below the radar of the various robots out in cyberspace. Hey, I’m not kidding! The Mad Raven has had a concrete experience with it. The military has a robot scanning blogs for certain phrases and spams them with “letters from a concerned soldier”. But the robot ignores baby blogs like mine that don’t get that many hits.

Frankly I’d rather have a few visitors who enjoy reading my humble efforts at coping with the madness of a world going blind and have their occasional thoughtful and encouraging comments than have to wade through barfage responses like some bloggers do.

It is kind of weird to think that what one writes and speaks on electronic media in general is subject to surveillance. I’m not setting up a straw-man to say that the standard response is “…but if you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about”.

George Orwell rolls over in his grave and farts when bullshit like that is aired in the media. Everybody has something they are ashamed of. But usually it is between them and their God and that is the way it ought to be.

The thing is, even the best people would be tempted to misuse the kind of power Bush abrogates to himself because he is a “War President”. Although I applaud his taste in ties and his expertise in clearing brush on his ranch, he has already in abundance demonstrated that he has the intention and will to outdo Mr. Nixon in abusing the power to blackmail, intimidate, suppress and destroy those he sees as “enemies” by using the ability to gather personal and sensitive information through electronic surveillance.

The “War on Terror” is utter bullshit. It does not exist. It is a media hype to put us all to sleep and accept a velvet tyranny such as the world has never seen, a combination of 1984 and Brave New World.

Yeah, there are bad people out there. When have there not been bad people out there? This is police work. Have the chances of me and my Sunflower Woman falling out of the sky increased? No! Did everything change after 9-11? No! But the media has told us that it did and we follow like the sheeple we are when somebody presses the right buttons on our brain panels.
A real time example: the British police had a case going, a serious case – what happened?
Liebermann lost a primary to a war opponent in Connecticut and the Brits were forced to blow the case prematurely so that Cheney could snarl on television that the Democrats were soft on terror and did not understand the danger we all are in.

The media swallows without choking all the bullshit. Liquid bombers are going to blow us all out of the sky. Never mind that tri-acetone tri-peroxide is tricky shit to mess with. Never mind that the reaction when you mix them is exothermic, that is it releases heat. That means you must keep the shit under 15 degrees Celsius as you mix it or it blows like a big fart.

Furthermore, it was blabbed uncritically again and again that this is what was used in the London subway bombings the summer of 2005. That is not true. Those assholes used hexamethylene triperoxide diamine peroxide – which is more stable, but not something you mix up on an airplane. MTDP was first synthesized in 1885 and for years replaced nitroglycerin in mining operations.

But what really pisses me off is that the 1995 incident when Timothy McVeigh used a truckload of chicken shit and fuel oil to blow up the Murrah Building, that didn’t change diddle.

I guess this means when a white asshole with ties to Christian Identity and White Supremacy does a bad thing we put the dog down, end of story. But if a brown asshole attached to a perverted imitation of Islam does the same shit it is Clash of Civilizations!

I now get off my little soapbox in this back alley of cyberspace and close my rant.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time away from home and I hope you keep slugging away on The Crazy Bird. To me, it's not as much how many hits blogs get, but whether or not the writing and emotions carry a punch, and yours does.

I sense some changes in the wind that even Fox may not be able to cover up. Of course, we may have to endure another false flag befoer the changes sink in, but you knew that.

And I wouldn't be too sure that "baby blogs" aren't routinely webcrawled, categorized, evaluated, ranked, and otherwise give the same loving governmental attention our Congresscritters are.

Chuck Cliff said...


I think of blogging kind of like street-singing -- have you ever done that? Thing is you never think about the crowd or lack of same. Likewise you never look inthe kitty or think that one or the other is any indication of how you are doing.

Other than that, I decided when I started that it would be one post a day. I see it as a discipline as well as a training.

It has taught me to write more fluidly and tightly. I do my posts first on a word processor and re-write re-write rewrite. I read an interview once of I. B. Singer and he said he rewrote nine times. With a computer it is easier because you can re-write as you write.

But the biggest best and greatest benifit is what one learns -- I'm sure you must have noticed this! By writing about things that concern you, one becomes conscious of thoughts that were laying at the back of one's mind just waiting to be formulated.

This is why I repeatedly say that the Mother of all Freedom is the Freedom of Speech. If you cannot freely speak your mind, you cannot know your mind. If you do not know you mind, you do not have control of your mind. If you do not have control of your mind, there are others who will all too gladly do it for you.

You're also right that the barfheads may well be parsing my stuff and all I can say is FUCK THEM!

Actually, this is why from the start I have not hid my identity -- FUCK THEM!

I think I will find or make a graphic with a digitatis impudatis that is a flying jerry a fuck you finger and put it up on my banner.