Thursday, August 31, 2006

More Obscenity from the Third Galaxy

[I hope you ready to hear more about the kind of obscenity I find more obscene than the kind your normal Arrogant citizen gets upset fantasizing about.

That is, I’m not talking about the occasional [gasp!] bare breast or [horror!] anything that reveals that the human body is that of a sexual being which comes in two basic patterns with a number of variations in shape, size and behavioral patterns.

Using democracy to destroy democracy is obscene. Thank God we don’t live in the Third Galaxy. Despite what people like Jeff Cohen and Thom Hartmann might tell you, things like that described below certainly don’t happen in our world and certainly not in America!]

Based on intuition, it was claimed earlier here, that the Bankers of Illuision were instrumental in clearing Ronald Rexona’s path to power. The path which eventually led to his assumption of the role of Supreme Hole of Arrogance and, for a brief but terrible time, the de facto ruler of the entire Third Galaxy.

Recently, interesting details have been found among the third level footnotes of the 21st Edition of the Absolute Truth. This enormous document became available to ordinary researchers when the Alien Veggies deposed Rexona and, in effect, outlawed war as a mode of solving our disagreements as national units.

Three weeks before his war against Sandy Aridya the popular news commentary show, the Phil Donahue Show was cancelled. An internal memo from the network reveals the reason, “This kind of program cannot be shown in a time of war…presents too many guests who are skeptical of the war and Mr. Rexona’s motives.”

It may seem like a small thing, but the invasion of Sandy Aridya, along with Terrible Tuesday are two things which more than any other set in motion a chain of events which transformed Rexona from an incompetent chief executive to what he finally became.

It was part of a pattern of deception and disinformation and outright cooperation between the Bankers of Illusion and the Rexona administration to keep the Arrogant citizenry passive and ignorant.

The Bankers did it for money, which is why some call them “media whores”, and Rexona did it for power, which is why he is called a “hole”.

The most popular, effective and, not least important, cheapest way to mislead, deceive and dis-inform is to finagle with “Hot News”. It’s sort of like drowning out criticism with a battery of klaxon horns.

For example, a court ruled that Rexona had broken the Groundlaw in ordering illegal wiretaps on Arrogant citizens, a rational person might think that it would be news and pertinent in this context that this was a federal crime with punishment up to $10000 and/or 5 years in jail.

What happened though is that the story got 10 seconds on national television and disappeared completely the following days. It was never mentioned that it was a crime carrying with it a long prison sentence.

The reason that the story died is that a old story about a grisly, unsolved murder took over the airwaves. All of a sudden, there was a man on the other side of the world who was a prime suspect in the rape-murder of a little girl some 10 years ago.

This story broke, by pure coincidence, on the very same day as the court gave its verdict in the wiretapping case. It was immediate “Hot News” gobbling up 3, 4 and 5 minute time slots on national television and, in effect, pushed the wiretapping story into oblivion.

Did I say coincidence? The fact is Rexona’s agents wiretapped the phones of the very court that was making the decision in the case about illegal phones! How’s that for chutzpa?

The Rexona government knew when the decision was going to be made public and, on a whim, dispatched on just four hour notice agents from Homeland Security to bring this suspect back to Arrogance just in time to blow the story about the court’s decision off the airwaves.

This was just a single example of a pattern of abuse where Rexona, having abrogated to himself the right to do something illegal “in order to combat Terraism” and “for the sake of Homeland Security” used it instead as a tool to get information about politicians and journalists which was used to blackmail, intimidate and even destroy their careers.


Nuke Watcher said...

You Krazy Boid…..
I still contend the propaganda machine which directs the population of the U.S. of Amnesia, is a good starting off place where citizens can grasp the level of awareness they claim to have. Understanding that the FCC controls the media sources…. CNN, FOX .. etc. and the billions of revenue derived from TV ads put out daily. Understandably, the owners, dictate how the news is reported and what has precedent. Citizens do not grasp this. Nor do they really have the stomach to except the fact that at some point, telling their children, the true story of Christmas, is really not about Santa Claus. Basically, CNN, FOX and others, must have an FCC license, to use the free airwaves and do so in a manner which will allow them to enjoy the fruits of their control. Oh, they can claim fair and balanced illusions, as long as the Rexona Regime is touted as the means to an end, of tyranny. May I also suggest to the readers another simple place to start. A light satirical called Bullworth, found in DVD stores worldwide.
We may continue to enjoy our existence as we know it, just understand, places like Mt. Weather were built for a reason. I hope other citizens in the Galaxy have their idea of a Mt. Weather, away from any port cities, where they may now be living.
Nuke Watcher / Baltimore, MD

Chuck Cliff said...

Cool beans, Nuke Watcher,

It ya' ever start bloggin' let me know so i can put you on my blog roll.

The point which cannot be stressed often enough (and you allude to it in your comment) is that the airborne communication channels (radio tv cell phone, etc.) is a part of the commons, that is they do NOT belong to the gov't or any private individuals, be they people or corporations.

This is a judicial concept that goes all the way back to Roman time, that private, public and common are separate areas of juridiction. But it also occurs in European and English tradition.

The Bankers of Illusion do NOT OWN the channels they control. They are taking care of a resource which is a common good. They have a DUTY to use it in a way commensurate with the common good.

You write as if the FCC controlled things -- but I am sure you exoressed yourself unclear. It is common knowledge that the FCC is in the wallet of the 5 megacorps that control 95% of the mass media.

Enough of that, remember to write to my yahoo address and let me know when or even IF you will be in Windy City in september