Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Morning Coffee...

We head north today to Wisconsin. Among other things, we will take the boat trip up the Wisconsin Dells -- I mention this because, although it is still civilization, I think I'll be unable to (gasp!) connect to the Internet.

Reading the local newspaper over my morning coffee I learned that Mr. Bush is expected to have a skeptical audience when he appears before the United Nations today. I was saddened to hear that -- his new talking points tried out at the Conference on Global Literacy are so cool and uplifting I almost had to cry from gritting my teeth so hard :

"We don't believe freedom belongs only to the United States of America."

As they used to say, when I was a kid, that sure was "white" of him -- but he does even better:
"We believe that liberty is universal in its applications. We also believe strongly that as the world becomes more free, we'll see peace".

That "free" = "peace" may surprise you as we have been trained to respond to the more obvious "war" = "peace".

However, consider: a country like Iran, which is hardly a "free" country, hasn't been involved in a war of aggression since the 1700s and has a relatively small military budget. Compare that to the United States, the epitome of a "free" country, which is involved in a war of aggression and violent occupation, spending more on military hardware and weapons of mass destruction than the rest of the world combined for most of a generation.

If you can't see that that confirms "free" = "peace", you really should take a refresher course in "doublethink".

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