Monday, September 18, 2006

The Politics of Innocence

[My hosts went to sleep early last night and left the holy zapper to the TV in my shaking hands. I quickly ran through the zillion available channels, quickly discerning between programs and adverts and ran into CSPAN and Barack Obama giving a speech at steak fry voter rally for Denny Hastert.

I've heard a lot of positive things about Obama, therefore I was a bit negative about him. All I can say is that it was a most refreshing experience to hear a politician speak clearly and concisely, developing a thought with words he not only understood but could pronounce.

That will have to do as an introduction to the poem below, first composed in August, 2003, when the naked brutality of the invasion and occupation of Iraq as well as the underlying deceit and lies of the hidden agenda was obvious to anyone with even moderate mental agility -- excepting of course the Codpiece Administration and mainstream media and it's kool-aid drinking pundits and talking bobble heads.]

The politics of innocence are simple:
reveal what you know as it is needed;
admit the mistakes you made in arrogance;
and ask the world for a second chance.

In your heart, you know this is true,
but you will not heed!
Instead, deceit, duplicity and greed
will be the mark by which you will be known,
and you will reap exactly as you have sown!

If the people knew the lies and the dark design
to sit upon the world and suck it dry;
I wonder what it is that they would do?
Rise up perhaps, and rip your plans in two?

Or would they think, like dogs, that the bones you cast
aside are not so bad...but all that can change
-- exceedingly fast!

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