Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Soft, Sweet, Summer Nights...

As it was being composed some thirty years ago, I suddenly realized that this song-poem was for my mother, Eunice E. Cliff (maiden name, Petersen).

It wasn't until I was well into my maturity that I acquired any real information about my mother and I still don't know her middle name. She was a second generation immigrant and for years I thought her parents were from Sweden -- as it turns out, they were from Norway. In any case I have long felt that I ended up in Denmark partly because, at a certain level, I was searching for my mother.

Today, we drive to Hobart Indiana, where I was born and my mother is buried. As far as I know, this is the first time I'll see her grave. After my father remarried, for one reason or other, mainly his new wife, we had minimal contact with his family and none at all with my mother's.

Soft,sweet, summer nights,
the Moon shines bright
Some women are pretty,
some are as strong as the sea
But you you are a proud and a free lady.

A good mother is worth more
than the finest of gold
I was so young when you left me,
now you're far away across the sea
But you are still a part of my memory

It seems the dream keeps repeating,
the Sun shines bright!
Apple flower, and rainbow,
the tree golden grain flow...
And the wind,

and the rain,
and the sand,
and the spray foam.


JamesRaven said...

Aww, that's a wonderful piece, Cliff! My mom passed away when I was a few weeks sober, and it has been suggested to me that she took my addiction with her, because I don't crave and I never relapsed... Today. I'm really big on that Just For Today stuff. Your feelings about your mom sound sweet and pure. Thanks again for that beautiful piece.

Chuck Cliff said...

It may well be that she did just that, James, it may well be.

In any case, keep on trucking, y'hear? I can tell you personally that it is a help to others who struggle with these kind of problems that you mention it now and then.

The difficult post will be the one I'll have to do about my step-mother. I've already done one for my dad, Drummer Boy