Friday, September 29, 2006

Today, She Cries Bloody Tears

Today we cry.

Brutally raped, with no recourse to justice, the Lady of Freedom and Enlightenment cries tears of blood.

The morning news in Denmark (that happy little kingdom where the king is a queen and she isn't in drag) is that the American Politburo (aka the Congress of the United States) has just passed an execrable legislative potpourri which the (s)elected representatives of we, the people, either have not read , or could not or dared not understand.

All that remains is for the Supreme Hole the President to sign it into law, which he of course will, after a brief retirement to the bathroom where he can jerk off and smear his cum over the Constitution.

The bottom line, dear hearts, is that agents of "our" government can, anywhere in the world, take anybody (=you) off the streets and put you away in a dungeon and do whatever the fuck they want to do to you with no recourse to any independent judge anywhere. All that is required is that the Asshole in Chief, or those to whom He Delegates His Authority, declares you to be an "enemy combatant" or a whatever.

Tristero over at Digby has already written what may well become a classic dissertation on this exercise in the driving of nails into the coffin of the Wondrous Experiment in Self Government, a.k.a. American Democracy:

The truth is that the United States government is presently holding, torturing, and even murdering countless numbers of people who have no chance in hell of obtaining a lawyer, let alone anything resembling a trial. The government is doing this under the direct orders of George W. Bush. There is no law, no bill, and no legislature who can stop him. If Congress were to pass a law unequivocally banning torture and send it to him, he'd use it for toilet paper. If the Supreme Court were to rule against Bush in the harshest and bluntest language, he'd yawn...



The United States of Amnesia certainly keeps it in prospective when discussing the endorsement of applied pressures, to extract pertinent information. WE can champion the cause for putting in context the valid reasons for not having to use these tactics, or we can call on the READERSHIP and resurrect past atrocities.
The Readership of course the Bloggers who made it through and still have a few memory cells left, to give dates and times either they, or someone they know actually did “The Deeds”..
As a former Dodger Fan of the South East Asia event in the 60’s and 70’s, I am proud to say the system worked in my favor. The system allowed me 6 years of “ Indentured Servitude”, through the Army National Garbage.(i.e Kent State), allowing me from being “sent over”. I simply applied for and received transfers from one city, to another city which I called “Job Related”. I had 3 months to find another unit that had an opening.. I was able to do that four times in six years. Now to the point. “ When attached to the 305th Field Hospital in Memphis TN., I had the job assignment as an ambulance driver. On weekends we actually worked with the Navy at the Millington Naval Air Hospital. We worked side by side, Army guys moving around on Navy grounds. I first started hearing of the torture tactics used by the 101st Airborne with the help of the Air Calvary, through medics who worked on the aircrafts returning our dead and wounded. When I first heard the tactics used, I passed it off as just so much bullshit. The tactics went like this. Viet Cong which were prisoners would be loaded up 3 at a time into a helicopter, taken up 1200 feet and the questioning would begin. At some point one prisoner would get thrown out. Then came the second, the third would also have the same thing done as well. No witnesses. Information extracted weather pertinent or not, was really irrelevant.
The repeat of these tactics from others while on 2 weeks summer camp duty at Ft. Campbell KY, in 1971 and 72, would come from the medivacs which arrived daily with ambulatory and mental patients returning from South East Asia. The mental patients, were the most talkative, at least those who were consciously working toward a section 8 trying to be release from duty. Then there were the others, who said nothing, remained shackled, and all of them had the “orange hats” to be worn at all times.
Time and again, the repeat of these war time atrocities were shared with me as we sat on the tarmac, in the ambulance all lined up, waiting to move back to the hospital. With 20 minutes to kill, the 4 patients in the ambulance wanted to talk with someone from the “World”. A National Garbage Man , was a good source of outside information, away from the close scrutiny of the Regular Army. Once I asked the question, “Did you ever see and VC take flying lessons”., The laughs would come and then its share what they either knew first hand, or through other sources, the crap which took place over there. I now wish I would have written down dates, times and names. I had in my hand all their medical records, with every detail about the people I was transporting. These poor bastards, if still alive today, could fill volumes on the atrocities of war. ( Even though volumes have already been written)
To the READERSHIP of the Crazy Bird, I ask, I beg, if you know of and can account for any actions you either witnessed, or participated in, please share. Maybe, just maybe, it will make a difference as to waking up the Lockstep Lemmings, here in the United States of Amnesia and help move the other ostriches, to get their heads out of the asses of the politicians. The most we can expect to do, is embarrass this and other Administrations in hope there will be changes.

Nuke Watcher,

Chuck Cliff said...

Hold da helt kaeft! As they day in Danish.

Which literally means "shut the fug up!" but actually means, "I agree and applaud what you say"

The thing is, for many years Denmark was ruled by asshole kings who had German and French administrators.

For a long time Danish was just a peasent language. The result is, like with the Irish, it is a language in which one can say bullshit about the "Lords" in an innocent way.

For example, if you say, "God's Own Country" in Danish, everybody knows you're talking about the USA.

I myself was lucky in the "lottery" and got my discharge before they started racking up bodies.

Again, thank you for your insights.

My sister Bonnie was married to a guy who was a complete fuckup from his experience on "just" a goddam carrier.