Saturday, September 30, 2006

October Surprise, Anyone?

I am terribly sorry and apologize if, perhaps, I begin to sound like the Rude Pundit, but I am really, royally pissed (and maybe that is why the Rude Pundit sounds like he does!). Maybe I should also apologize for the picture, but I'm not. It was taken on a street in Helsinki and I pulled it down from "Free Iraq".

That said, with all due obescience, lighting of candles, incense and whatnot to various gods and demigods, let me say this: the bill Congress just passed, the one that shilled to the sheeple as necessary to "fighting terrorism" -- it sucks!

Not only does it suck, it sucks great big, hairy, male elephant external sexual organ appendages as we used to say more explicitly when I was in the Army.

Why did so many congressmen vote for such vaguely and ambiguously phrased law text? A law which makes it possible for anyone declared "an enemy combatant" to be put away, behind bars, forever?

An enemy combatant is no longer someone who attacks the US. An enemy combatant is now someone who materially supports in some way attacks on the US. It is a military tribunal which decides your status and there is no recourse to that most basic of rights our forefathers fought and died for -- the right of habeas corpus.

Did you know there is a fellow on the East Coast who is trouble right now because he, as a cable provider sold access to the a channel run by Hezbollah?

I'm sorry, put your fingers in your ears becauses I am going to use the "F" word -- WHAT THE FUCK!

I suppose the coming election and the fear of being branded as "soft on terrorism" may have scared some of the wussies in Congress, not to mention the many who sold their souls to the devil long ago.

Hell, just the other day, his imps branded a woman running for Congress as being "cut and run" on on Iraq. The egregiously disgusting thing about the smear is that the woman in question can barely walk let alone run -- she lost both legs -- as a helicopter pilot in Iraq!

The Codpiece Administration has already gone beyond anything anybody ever imagined that a Chief Executive could or would. They have already make Nixon looks like a schoolboy out on a few teenage pranks and they contnue to push the envelope.

Another reason so many voted for the bill is that their cell and ordinary phone conversations may have been monitored and compromising information used against them. You don't it could happen? Hell, if you had the half the power the Codpiece Admin has abrogated to itself along with the morals of mobster, wouldn't you?

This (mal)administration is prepared to do anything to maintain its power (and stay out of jail).

It took but one Reichstag fire to cement the German dictatorship. The American democracy is made of much sterner stuff than the Weimar Republic. In our case it will take at least two.

God help us all when Karl Rove springs his "October Surprise".

[Just for the hell of it and because he is an inspiration for so many, not least myself, I leave you with a link to an interview with an amazing fellow who loves America almost as much as I do -- Joe Bageant ]

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