Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Atomic Bullshit

It has occurred to me several times recently, what with all their bloviating about North Korea, that our leaders either really don't know what they are talking about or are deliberately misleading us.

Of course, the one does not exclude the other.

The greatest danger, not only to World Peace -- a rarer sight than the long extinct munga-wunga bird -- but the continuation of life on the planet itself, the greatest danger is the arsenals of the USA and Russia.

By that I mean not just the bombs, but the systems to deliver them with such rapid and devastating precision.

The general consensus today is that the North Korean bomb had a yield of "only" one kiloton -- a fifth of the original Russian estimate and little more than 5% of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.

Therefore the likelihood is that the North Korean test something of a dud and that certain Korean atomic technicians are not going to get any Christmas presents from their dear Uncle Kim.

The other possibility, which I'd rather not consider, is that the Korean techs went from scratch to 2nd or 3rd generation nuclear technology in one fell swoop. However, considering the result of their ballistic missile test last summer, it does not seem likely.

Making atomic bombs is like brewing beer -- it's a lot easier to brew strong, knock your socks off, beer than light beer. The weaker beer tends to go sour.

The USA has a specialty in making low yield bombs and the Russians used to be pretty good at it also. The trick is in the purity of fissile material and high-tech developments to make sure the critical mass is achieved with sufficient speed and evenly.

I don't know what scares me more, a Korean dud, a Korean high-tech suitcase bomb OR the fact that I probably know a lot more about atomic bombs and technology then the President of the United States, the Decider Himself.

Actually, I do know what scares me more than anything else -- the utter stupidity of the mass media babbling on and on, regurgitating the idiocy of our leaders who focus on the danger which North Korea presents for world peace. Korea is a danger, but it is not the greatest danger.

The greatest danger not only to world peace but to the world itself is the USA and Russia, in that order and in tandem because of their weapons systems of mass destruction.

The Cold War was over long ago, but insanely large nuclear arsenals are still there -- 30,000 bombs!

Most of these bombs are in hands of the USA and Russia (95%). Russia has some 8000 weapons targeted for the USA and we have some 7,000 aimed at the other fools.

Of the American strategic weapons, some 2,500 are on a hair trigger in underground silos. There are even more devices on our Trident submarines, also these are on hair trigger.

Hair-trigger means: ready to be launched within minutes from the moment the Decider Decides to make the Great Decision. Within 10 to 30 minutes these bombs would explode all over Russia. Or, if Pootie-Poot is dyspeptic one morning, all over the USA.

It doesn't matter beans who shoots first or if the other side bothers or can respond.

The resulting, years long darkness of nuclear winter would make those who were incinerated in the initial fireballs the envy of the (temporary) survivors!


Anonymous said...

The other possibility, which I'd rather not consider, is that the Korean techs went from scratch to 2nd or 3rd generation nuclear technology in one fell swoop.

I think this is much closer to the mark, given that Shrub was cheering them on, and we cannot forget which major defense contractor ( and one board member in particular) sold the technology to them, can we?

Chuck Cliff said...

No, I go with the dud.

No suitcase bombs please. Not even Rummy bin Feld could be that wretched.

On the other hand, maybe not