Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley's Follies, Regurgitated

Okay, my crystal ball suffers from serious astigmatism!

As James argued so well in yesterday's comment, there is no way Foley's Follies can be the opening move of a Rovian ploy.

On the other hand, if I really am out to lunch on this -- and I don't see how I can be anything but -- then what the hell is going on?

Drudge and Limbaugh and the other terminally rabid pack members are frothing at the mouth, saying it's all the Democrats fault and that pages are all 17 (not 16) year old sex beast deviants who sucked Foley into an innocent misuse of his instant messenger and didn't just suck him or whatever I'd think of it I had the gutter brains of these guys.

The biggies in DC apparently are hoping charges will be brought, the sooner the better, so that they can smile and say, as the election grinds closer, that "Gee, whiz by golly boys, we can't talk about an ongoing investigation..."

But how can that cut the mustard? It's payback time and the media beast is hungry!

On the other hand, what else is happening? Hear any news from Iraq lately? How about terror, then?

Frist is floating a balloon that the Taliban could maybe take part in an Afghan government. The Brits (hopefully taking the Danes with them) are withdrawing from a province.

Tenet is outing Rice as a not only a liar (as if anyone need be surprised!), but a spit-in-your face, goddamn liar about not having been told months before Terrible Tuesday that Ahsawyah been-Lately was planning to attack the United State of Arrogance homeland.

I mean, what is going on? Is the wax melting? Is everything and everybody coming unglued?

Has Rove lost it so completely that everything he touches now turns to shit?

Or is there some terrible thing about to come down the tube? Will the second Reichstag fire both seal and cremate the coffin of Arrogant Democracy?

I just heard the news from Nickel Mines, PA. and I feel kind of sick.

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