Monday, October 02, 2006

Foley Follies = October Surprise?

I've a suspicion the Foley Follies could very well be the opening move of the October Surprise Karl Rove, political advisor to our Codpiece in Chief, has promised Republican insiders.

The October Surprise is the code word for a promised political hat trick the last week of October which will to turn the November election in favor of the Republicans.

[Frankly, I had planned writing more personal stuff. I've posted about my dad and mother and it seemed that the time had come to come with grips with my stepmother, Gerry-mum.

My childhood was kind of screwed up but in many ways I had a wonderfully sheltered childhood and the abuse, such as it was, was psychological, not physical.

On the other hand, physical wounds heal and their scars can be seen. It is the psychological scars people carry around which groans the world and tears it all apart.]

But then the Foley Follies popped up, on schedule, so to speak...

A fellow from Florida elected six times to serve Florida citizens in the Congress of the United States of America as their Representative, this fellow who has excelled in pleading the case of abused children and victims of sexual predators -- he resigned, amid suspicion the he himself is a sexual predator.

The scandal's been cooking for some time about his interest in young boys, in particular pages working in Congress. Some top Republicans seem to have known about it for up to a year.

But how is this going to play down over the next five weeks?

Imagine! What if it suddenly turns out that, after the media beast has gorged itself for two or three weeks, it suddenly turns that there really is no hard evidence and the poor boy in question is smearable?

Recall what happened in the last election!

A scandal which had been brewing for at least four years and it seemed obvious that the truth about terrible record of Mr. Bush in the Texas Air National Guard no longer could be kept under wraps. The story of how Bush's record of service in the National Guard was somehow sponged clean was going to blow!

Then, by chance, all of a sudden, typewritten "evidence" appeared out of nowhere. Names were named and dates were divulged.

What the happened? Dan Rather and CBS took the bait hook line and sinker!

The result? One of the most highly respected reporters was disgraced and dismissed. Stories about our AWOL Codpiece were no longer news fit for the national mass media.

Hmmn, sometimes, when you smell a rat, it's because there is a rat!


Anonymous said...


This exploded because ABC News tracked down two former pages who gave them the IMs. In 48 hours. I originally thought that this was Rovian in nature, but it's gotten too big too fast and the history of Republican hiding this guy is too real and too deep. (No pun intended)

If it is Rovian, it's a huge gamble, to see if this can take Iraq off the headlines enough, then Abu Gonzales shuts everyone up so they can't talk.

But you have all these pages and former pages coming out, and you will eventually hear from one who was seduced by Foley, just a matter of time. This is only 72 hours old, and we have wingnuts calling for Hastert to step down.

Rove is too smart to have pushed this rock down the hill, because it's out of control already, and no telling where it will ened up. I just had another post from Wayne Madsen at my place which digs even deeper.

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