Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Point Omega -- From Primal Slime

The world totters upon the brink of global catastrophe and total, ultimate war.

Of all the hypocrisies I detest, the worst is that which smiles and says: "The best, the select, the true and faithful will be taken up to eternal bliss when every thing dies, therefore, bring it on, ring down the curtain for the Long Night of Death!"

That is the general formula for a perversion found in all the major religions as well as in many of the smaller free lancers. It's sometimes refereed to as the "sin against the Holy Spirit"

8. From Primal Slime

Them nasty angel bums are saying I've lost the thread?
Screw them!

Shall I take my harp and sing hymns instead?
Shall I praise in rhyme the Power and the Glory
of Ye-God and His never-ever-ending-Story?

Even as I think to speak of Heaven's Endless Joy
and Bliss, I hear the screams and cries of boys
and girls upon the battlefields and in all
the disputed cites of the ultimate wars.

I see, with my inner eye, the lie
of permanence based upon excrement!

Excuse me while I wash my mouth with soap!
Salvation is not enough!
There must be hope

That human life itself is worth the time
it takes to draw it forth from primal slime!!!

There is no use, credit or profit* in pantomiming holiness or keeping up a pretense of piety at the expense of our common humanity.

I swear by all that is holy and by all that is profane that if life, in itself, is not worth the years it took to bring it forth, then I care not a fig for your "God", your "Prophet", your "Savior" or even the Great Potato Himself!

Take them and depart -- be-gone! Any spirituality, let alone religion, which cuts itself off from and denies reality isn't worth a stale fart in a cold bathtub.
* Well actually, there can be some, in fact a hell of a lot profit

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