Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Point Omega -- Losing the Thread

I saw the Fenris yesterday.

On the bus, on the way home from work, a few minutes before five in the afternoon, I looked up from what I was reading and saw its dark silhouette in the western sky.

Chance winds formed from dark rain cloud a figure of incarnate terror, the sharp hearing ears, the hungry mouth agape.

The point of the tale is not what I saw but the context in which I saw it, that is I was reading an article by Robert Fisk entitled, "The Age of Terror". Robert Fisk is an Englishman, an investigative journalist for thirty years whose specialty is the Middle East. His experience and insight run deep

Having just realized that he states clearly in this article what I have been fumbling to articulate again and again since I started this blog a little over three months ago, I chanced to look out the bus window...

Forget about this post. Forget about my silly blog -- go read the article.

7. Losing the Thread

When the Fenris is free again, we'll all do penance!

On that day, all of us will pay for the Innocents
Betrayed as slaves to pious hypocrisies,
In history's hidden atrocities.

In the secret deals, the giggles and the squeals
Of princes and kings who do whatever they feel
They need to do to staunch the growing fear
Their power-base will waste away and disappear!

Our leaders are molesters of young children.

They are serial rapists ready to do it again
As easy as they'd cut a fart or gnaw a bone
Ripped from the body of the meek and the oppressed.

You know what the voices inside my head just said?
Poor Crazy Bird, we think you've lost the thread!

The Fenris can be seen as a symbol of raging surprised energy and force bottled up until it curdles into blind and senseless hate which in turn burst its bonds at with volcanic effect and splatters across the newspaper page.

If all the injustices committed in human history we demanded corrected at one fell blow, if every piece of land taken from its "rightful owner" was returned, if every drop of blood spilt were suddenly paid in kind -- what then? Do you think the earth would remain, that anyone would be left alive? I hardly think so. This is why the release of the Fenris triggers the events it does.

The voices in my head laugh and say I've lost the thread, but they lie -- the fact is, I've grasped fibers of the thread which runs through human history.

Bear with me, the remaining poems of this cycle delve yet deeper into darkness, but resolve into something better.

Point Omega is my understanding of Teilhard's vision of our common humanity -- that is, the unity to which evolution strives.


Anonymous said...

Please do not use the word "silly" to describe your blog. Use a word like "crazy", or "psychotic"... wait... you already do.

Our little blogs are part of a nasty tsunami of reason overtaking, and yea, hopefully inundating those nastier powers that be.

Keep it up, my friend.

Chuck Cliff said...

Your, right of course.

I once did a course on a forum based on a book called, I think, "The Artist's Way".

One of the author's points was that a sort of malevolent self-criticism eats up creative power so that we denigrate what we know to be good and pure.

When I was in high school, a rather good friend of mine commented positively on a drawing I had made. I turned on him with a sneer on my face and the dripping green snot of sarcasm in my voice and said THANK YOU!

But enough! Let us light our little candles or light torches if that doesn't suffice!

If the tsunami isn't big enough, let us drink green tea and piss in the ocean!

Anonymous said...

That would be decaf green tea, I hope.

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