Thursday, October 05, 2006

Point Omega -- Some New Jerusalem?

We start with the second installment of "Point Omega", a cycle of 14 poems, the last line of each is the first line of the one following.

Composed in a fortnight seven years ago, it seems more pertinent to events today. We'll see during the next couple of weeks how well my assumption fares.

2. Some New Jerusalem!

How many, if any, are free of the pestilence
Which sucks soul and blinds Innocence
With sticky webs and voyeurist delights,
With glowing screens and flickering lights?

The celluloid dreams, the screams, the frogs
Of demon armies -- the marching minions of Gog!

Aghast, I see the inner-land laid waste
By futile quips and plain, bad taste!

When the Gods themselves do fall to blasphemy,
When the halls and walls of Heaven glow with shame,
(All wept with tears, and retching cacophony!)

What then, my friends -- what word can name the game?

Megiddo? Ragnarok? The New Jerusalem landing
As a Mother Ship on the Washington Monument?(!)


What is this pestilence which "sucks soul"?

What is its source and upon what does it feed?

It feeds upon the desire to control others, to dominate and own them, to take joy in their pain. It feeds upon the inability we all have, to a greater or lesser degree, to live in open, loving relationship with our common humanity.

One of it's sources is in sins committed against the children, at times in the very manner in which they are conceived. In a sense, it is also the psychological and spiritual realities which lie beyond the concept of "original sin".

Perhaps the odd situation we have today has something to do with our disconnect -- a situation where, with the help and active urging of the media, we react strongly to random acts of madness, or fear some act of terrorism while, at the same time, we ignore that we sit upon a stockpile of hell weapons which could destroy both us and the planet in an hour.

We have lived with this knowledge gnawing away at the back of our minds for two generations, we have poured trillions of dollars into an existential black hole and go blithly about our daily business.

Is it any wonder the whole country and most of the world sometime seems to be headed for a mass psychotic break with reality?

The person who deliberately destroyed a country, lying all the while about what and why he was doing, he has the keys to Hell in his pocket for two more years at least -- and people would have us believe the problem is teaching evolution in schools, or liberals, or gays, or nudity or a sicko sitting in a cave in Pakistan or anything except the fact that we must be going out of out collective mind.

Considering that so many, including world leaders apparently believe that Total War and nuclear holocaust will usher in the Rapture and Salvation for the Select Few, I can very well comprehend that there is a Rupture in Our Sanity somewhere!

A giant mother ship from outer space doesn't seem all that far fetched anymore and I'm all for it -- as long as the crew are Alien Veggies!

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