Friday, October 06, 2006

Point Omega -- Phony Crosses

Dear hearts, to preach that Mother Earth's only begotten son can defile and butcher the Place of Birth and afterwards be taken up to live in bliss -- that is not only false prophecy in the exact sense fundamentalists understand the term, it is blasphemy against the holy spirit and, in plain words, Utter Bullshit!

3. Phony Crosses

The New Jerusalem as a Mother Ship?(!)

Some times I think it's time I quit my quips,
Stopped using words that think they have to rhyme
To hide the fact their meaning, half the time,
Couldn't fill a bag as well as politician-wind,
Or some fundamental preacher's talk-of-sin!

Perhaps I should write my words upon those bits
Of wood known as popsicle sticks,
Or have them burnt into those tiny bites
Of sound they use to sell the modern device
Of terror known as: "The Money Machine"?

My friends,

The prophecy is that, before the end,
We'll all run 'round like hens with our heads cut off,
Bowing and slicking every phony cross!

This verse starts with a poetic device called "prophetic disclaimer", that is it makes fun of the idea that the biblical vision of the New Jerusalem could be replaced by the Hollywood shtick of a giant "Mother Ship" full of wise and friendly Alien Veggies coming to get us out of the stew we are in.

The poem then ends with a "prophecy" that most of us, in utter confusion will run about aimlessly, looking for assurance from phonies and hustlers who will tell us that everything is going to turn out ok.

The unstated reason for our common folly is that we cannot bear the terror of facing the truth of just how royally we have screwed ourselves and our children.

We therefore seek out and even worship "strong illusions". For example ones like terrible lie that some sort of "Jesus" will come and kiss our thumb, wipe our bum, rake our chestnuts out of the fire and make everything all right again.

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